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SCP won bid for Pu'an county strategic development planning and secured three other projects in Southwest Guizhou

Late August 2015, SCP Consultants Pte Ltd started strategic development planning in Qianxinan, Guizhou and other projects in the area:  Research analysis of Traffic Organization on High-Speed Railway to Pu’an and constructive detailed planning which incorporate the high-speed rail station, "Multi-integrated planning" plan for Jiangxipo town and squatters upgrading plans (Comprehensive improvement of urban-rural environment)  for north, east and west of Pu’an. SCP has successfully won the bidding for these 4 projects. 

During 14 - 20 September, SCP organized a multidisciplinary team to conduct the first site visit in Pu’an. Currently, data analysis and planning design works are in progress. 

Pu’an is located in between Yunnan-Guizhou, and north of Qianxinan Buyi and Miao autonomous prefecture with Wumeng mountains crossing the county, forming a unique topography. Good ecological environment makes Pu’an having over 20,000 world's oldest tea trees known as "the hometown of the ancient Chinese tea."  The traffic has been always congested and a planned Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail line will be opened for Pu’an segment in 2016.

Pu’an is at the high speed railway stage of strategic window period and administration division adjustment which is undergoing a policy transformation and upgrading of social, economic and other aspects of people's livelihood to achieve the "new normal" sustainable development. SCP hopes that from macro to micro planning and design, it can establish systematic planning system to boost the future development and construction of Pu’an.

Tender award announcement website: http://ztb.qxn.gov.cn/qxnztb/InfoDetail/?InfoID=fef40c9c-1863-4bd0-bb5b-5c55eceb75b9&CategoryNum=018001004

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