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SCP participates in the launching of "One Belt One Road" Alliance of Regional Attractions

15 October marks the inaugural launch of China’s “One Belt One Road” Alliance of Tourism Attractions. Held in Xi’an, the beginning of Silk Road, SCP was invited to join the 120-member strong alliance, amongst other tourism stakeholders located along the “One Belt One Road” route. They include the 5A-rated & 4A-rated tourism attractions, travel agencies, airlines and star-rated hotels. Hua Qing Palace Scenic Zone - nominated as Rotating Chair of the Alliance for the inaugural term of service - is poised to boost the economic development of Silk Road Tourism by contributing to future tourism planning and overall scenic zones enhancement of the area.

At the launch conference, alliance members sought ways to continue developing the tourism industry as well as to create a bigger profile of the member attractions in the newly-formed alliance. In particular, new business models that enhance innovative experiences like “Internet+” and “Tourism+” were discussed in depth. Themes such as “Intelligent Scenic Zone”, innovative product development and increased service efficacy of alliance members may become the next reality with the leverage of these new models while progressing towards modernization and internationalization of the scenic zones.

The “One Belt One Road” Alliance of Tourism Attractions and Conference were opened at the stage of the glamorous Hua Qing Palace. The Guest of Honour, Vice-Mayor Wu Yiqin of the Xi'an Municipal Government, delivered on the essence of Silk Road. It embodies the spirit of mutual communication and win-win cooperation; it exists because of openness in support and sustains because of mutual inclusiveness. The establishment of the “One Belt One Road” Alliance of Tourism Attractions is thus expected to further strengthen cooperation amongst the municipal authorities, the various scenic zone operators and the overall tourism industry at large. As a result, the cities located along the “One Belt One Road” would flourish and benefit from the increasing economic development and prosperity. Other important guests at the launch included Zhou Aiquan, Deputy Secretary of Xi'an Municipal Government; Yu Yajun, Deputy Head of Xi'an Tourism Bureau; Xiao Kaiti, Head of Urumqi Tourism Bureau; Su Ping, Head of Yining City Tourism Bureau; Fu Xiao Cong, Head of Tianshui City Tourism Bureau; Ma Yuan, Vice-President and Li Liangyi, Secretary, of the Tourism Alliance; as well as 2,500 audiences.

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