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Mr Chen Qining, Director of SCP Consultants invited to conduct lecture at the Harbour Forum

On 16th October, Mr Chen Qining, Director and President of SCP Consultants Pte Ltd China was invited by the Government of Yibin Harbour Development Zone to give a thematic lecture at the Harbour Forum entitled “Improving the quality of harbor cities through international case studies”

Through illustrating detailed case studies, Mr Chen Qining gave an in depth analysis of the existing condition of the planning and development process of harbor development zones, highlighting the strength and challenges and provided with corresponding recommendations. The talk was a success with clarity of topic, vivid expression and unique perspectives, enlightening the minds of the audience.  

SCP started urban planning works for Yibin harbor development zone since 2013, covering various aspects of planning from conceptual master planning, detailed control plan, design of urban public space and facilities, to modern logistic planning. Having completed several thematic studies, SCP ensured a solid foundation for the development of Yibin Harbour development zone.

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