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SCP completed site visit for Rizhao Park "2nd Planning" Project

A team of 12 led by Mr Chen Qi Ning, Director and President of SCP consultant Pte Ltd China, started site visit work for Rizhao Park "2nd Planning" Project on 18-27 October 2015. 

SCP professional team have visited 12 Rizhao City municipal departments and 8 industrial park administrative departments, conducted site visit and interview for each industrial park and key enterprises to gain an in-depth understanding of city and industrial park's economic, industries, land, environmental protection, transportation, and other planning related matters.

Mayor Liu Xing Tai met Mr Chen on 21 October morning to share his requirements for this project: 1. promoting coordinated development among the relations between city level, county level and development zone 2. planning with long-term vision, raising planning standards, focusing on enhancement of city quality and targeting international development goals; 3. planning with respond to local conditions, to offer problem-oriented and feasible solutions. The 10 days site visit work concluded successfully with cooperation from Rizhao City and Industrial Park leaders. SCP will focus on "One Plan with Multiple Parks", "Multiple Plans Integration" theme, through multi-communication, multi-channel controls, strengthen cohesion work to produce "A Plan", "A Blueprint", and ensure smooth planning progress. 

The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2015. 

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