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SCP invited to prepare Conceptual Plan for Shanghai GCL Fengxian Green Town

SCP Consultants Pte Ltd was invited to prepare Conceptual Plan for Shanghai GCL Fengxian Green Town on 20 November 2015. 

GCL is the world's largest manufacturer in photovoltaic material, nation's largest private green power holding company, with great achievements in new energy plant construction, distributed energy demonstration zone, integrated new energy system. Currently, GCL is expanding towards green residency, energy-efficient building, low-carbon travel, etc.

GCL Fengxian Green Town is located at south of Nanjiao new city in Shanghai Fengxian district, with an area of 4 sqkm.  The site is on south of Nanjiao new city’s function extension axis which link central park, Jinhai lake, Nanjiao business centre, and Nanjiao interchange with rail transit No.5 line.  

The cooperation of Fengxian district government and GCL will promote industrial transformation of Fengxian region, create new energy and urbanization benchmark, leading to new living concept and lifestyle.  Green energy and new energy will be the theme for GCL Fengxian Green Town future development, to build a smart green town comprises of new energy, R&D, cultural and educational, health and retirement, leisure and tourism, and modern agriculture functions. It will be an important part of Shanghai Technology Innovation Park.  

The project team has started planning and design work, expected to complete by March 2016.

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