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SCP projects won the Second and Third place in 2015 Hubei Province Annual Outstanding Urban and Rural Planning and Design Award

The award was announced on the 15th of December. Two projects done by SCP Consultants Pte Ltd, namely "Huanggang Eastern New District Baitan Lake Area Detailed Control Planning" and "Huanggang New City Centre Urban Design" have won the second and prize the third prize respectively.

Development of the Eastern New District is Huanggang City’s major expansion across the river. In year 2011, SCP won the international tender for its concept planning project and started the preparation of the two projects. The plans envision each becoming the innovation centre of Wuhan City Circle and Huanggang new CBD. Both projects fully draw on Singapore's urban planning concepts and successful new town development experience while integrating local attributes of Huanggang, establishing ecological land distribution and transport framework, and eventually forming a forward-looking yet operational vision.

Both the detailed control planning and urban design projects were launched simultaneously and the planning and design process are fully coordinated. This ensures an optimum urban design that is implementable.

SCP’s emphasis on implementable planning and design has been again proven successful. Three years down since the implementation of the plan, Baitan Lake Area is now equipped with its skeletal road network, public facilities and housing areas. Development pace will be accelerated and the District will soon become the new pearl of eastern Hubei.

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