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Opening Ceremony of SCP Suzhou in Changyuan Garden Successfully Held

On 28th December 2015, SCP Consultants Pte Ltd Suzhou officially held its opening ceremony at Changyuan Garden, Suzhou Gusu District Miaotang Lane No. 22-1.

Many VIPs attended the ceremony including: Suzhou Gusu District Government, Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee, Suzhou Housing Construction Bureau, Soochow University, Suzhou Institute of Technology, Suzhou Garden Development Co. Ltd., Suzhou Gusu District Finance Bureau, Canglang Street Office, Taicang Port Development, Planning Bureau, etc.

The opening ceremony unfolded at 10.18am hosted by SCP China’s Chief Planner, Mr. Qiu Xiaoxiang. He introduced the origin of SCP with Changyuan Garden. SCP’s President, Mr. Chen Qining outlined in his speech the development of SCP, with the moving to Changyuan Garden as a new starting point – to focus on local community, city renewal, redevelopment, SCP will make persistent efforts to achieve new glory, and attaining new heights. Gusu District Deputy Mayor Mr. Xu introduced concept of Gusu District transformation, and expressed a warm welcome of SCP in Changyuan Garden, he hopes that SCP can explore and promote on ancient city rejuvenation. The SCP signboard was unveiled by Mr. Xu, together with SCP’s Director, Mr. Foo Chee See, it reflects the integration of Changyuan’s rich historical and cultural heritage with SCP’s international vision.

The VIPs, accompanied by SCP’s management, visited the office, interacted with staffs, to understand work of SCP. Lively discussion on SCP’s future was held between SCP Singapore, Beijing and other branch offices through video conference.

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