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Suzhou Old City Daoqian Street Area Revitalization and Conservation Work Conference Starts at Changyuan Garden

In order to promote the improvement of the living environment in Suzhou Old City and to promote the revitalization and conservation of the city, on 20 May, Suzhou construction companies and SCP Consultants Pte Ltd held the Suzhou Old City Daoqian Street Area Revitalization and Conservation Work Conference at Changyuan Garden. Suzhou historical and cultural construction group company ltd and Suzhou Tourism Bureau as well as other relevant groups also participated in the conference. They offered their views on the conservation of the area and also came together to discuss existing problems and raise possible solutions.

The meeting focused on the No. 32 Road in Suzhou Old City Area. This road encompasses Changyuan garden, the former residence of Jiangsu’s provincial judge, Cao Cangzhou Temple, Yang Yinyu’s original residence and other important cultural sites. The conservation of these famous cultural sites ensures that the unique texture of Suzhou’s street system is preserved. During the meeting, the “Thirteen Five Year Suzhou Tourism Plan” introduced by SCP proposed ideas for the development of tourism in Suzhou Old City.

The establishment of SCP in Changyuan Garden has brought about the introduction of cultural and creative businesses to Suzhou Old City neighbourhood and given Changyuan Garden and its surrounding areas a new lease of life. Participants agreed that this is a good example of promoting vibrancy and revival of interest in Suzhou. The participants of the meeting agreed to strengthen cooperation and make joint efforts to improve the living environment of residents in Suzhou, as well as promote the improvement of the quality of tourism in Suzhou and to promote the further flourishing and development of the economy and culture of Suzhou.

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