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SCP Attended Cultural Industry Conference in Shaanxi Province

Between 2nd and 3rd March 2017, "Conference of Shaanxi 2017 Cultural Industry Professional Park Innovation and Development" was jointly organised by the Promotion Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Xi'an Municipal Party Committee Promotion Department, Xi'an Qujiang New District Management Committee at Shaanxi City Hall. About 300 experts and government department representatives attended the seminar. They are domestic and foreign cultural experts and scholars, Shaanxi Province Cultural Promotion System Department officials and main in-charge person from cultural enterprises. The Deputy Director of Promotion Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Liu Bin hosted the seminar. The Executive Vice Governor of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Liang Gui delivered a speech. The purpose of this event is to conscientiously implement the views of the Shaanxi Provincial Committee to further accelerate the development of cultural industries and to improve the development scale of industrial parks in the province. During the two-day event, the conference made a symposium on the development of cultural industries and cultural parks in Shaanxi Province, and carried out the symposium on the development trend of "New Normal, New Economy, New Kinetic – The Trend of Cultural Industry Agglomeration". A dialogue of “To Explore the Development Models for Industrial Park by the Government and Market” was carried out. The dialogue explored new ideas and new paths for development of cultural industries in Shaanxi Province.

The Chairman of SCP, Mr. Chan Soo Sen attended the event as a special guest and gave a keynote speech entitled "How to Promote Cross-Border Integration of Culture and Technology - Singapore Experience". Mr. Chan introduced the development of Singapore's cultural and creative industries, how did Singapore accept foreign culture from the "cultural desert", how to promote the development of cultural and creative undertakings in the system, mechanism, personnel training and even the law, and create a creative environment. Mr Chan also introduced the practical experience of the cross-border fusion of culture, science and technology in Singapore, and puts forward some suggestions Shaanxi Province. The Chairman's speech received great interest and attention from the participants. Mr. Chan also participated in the thematic discussion after listening to the introduction of ten cities of Shaanxi Province. Mr. Chan said that Shaanxi is rich in cultural treasures which can be further explored. He recommended the Provincial Government to increase awareness of overseas Chinese through more promotion activities.

Participants also include the Director of Xi'an Qujiang New District Administrative Committee Chen Jili and representatives from Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Culture Group Corporation, Beijing Great Wall Enterprise Strategy Research Institute, Shanghai Dobe Cultural and Creative Industry Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Jia Cheng Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. They shared the development of their respective parks and advanced experience. During the dialogue session, the national cultural and technological innovation project expert group leader, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation researcher Mr. Zhang Shuwu proposed that the integration of culture and technology is not a simple physical space integration, one should not set up a culture and technology in the geographical fence, geographical barriers are to be broken to achieve the integration of culture and technology in the virtual space. Peking University Cultural Industry Research Institute Vice President Mr. Chen Shaofeng expressed that any one industrial park should include four parts, namely, venture capital, venture financing, business counselling, entrepreneurship, and should establish a thematic culture park – this is the workable path for cultural industry park development. Representative from Taiwan Hualien Culture Innovation Association, Mr. Fu Tingwei shared that cultural industry park should not use the same way to live a different self, how each enterprise shows its own characteristics, creating its own values. Professor from China University of Communication, Mr. Jiang Wei believes that Shaanxi can develop cultural equipment industry, but the industry in China is still in the initial stage where opportunities and challenges are to be further studied. Mr. Wei Fengju, a professor in the Central University of Finance and Economics, believes that in order to better realize the functions of the industrial park, in addition to government support, it is necessary to introduce the social and market forces and give full attention to the "PPP model".

Shaanxi industrial transformation has stepped into a critical period while SCP is currently preparing the "Xi'an Qujiang New Industrial Development and Strategic Planning." SCP has completed on-site research. Xi'an Qujiang New Area is the country's first cultural and technological demonstration base. The conference has allowed SCP to further understand Shaanxi, Xi'an, in terms of its development platform of Qujiang cultural and creative industry. SCP will continue to pay attention to the development of cultural and creative industries in Shaanxi Province, and provide full-service and cooperation.

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