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Professor Zhao Dasheng invited to participate in Forum on Bolaven Plateau Development Plan

The Forum on Bolaven Plateau Development Plan was held at Champasak Grand Hotel in the Pakse, Champasak Province, Laos on 17th, January 2018, attended by Former Laos Prime Minister, Current Head of Laos National Economic Research Institute,Mr. Bouasone Bouphavanh, Government Ministers, and Vice Governor of Champasa, Attapeu, Saravane provinces. The forum was moderated by Consultant of Laos National Economic Research Institute and Deputy Head of Bolaven New District, and the progress of the master plan was introduced by Mr. Bouasone Bouphavanh.

Consulting Director of SCP Consultants Pte Ltd, Former Director of SIP Office for Adapting Experience of Singapore Professor Zhao Dasheng was invited by Laos National Economic Research Institute to participate in this forum. Professor Zhao delivered a speech on “Development Model and Management” sharing the five aspects “Concept, Origin, Goals, Uniqueness, and Reference Significance” of Suzhou Industrial Park development and management by Singapore and China, project progress from initiation to negotiation to implementation.  20 years on, Suzhou Industrial Park has grown from a low-lying agricultural land to liveable and innovative modernised city. Professor Zhao shared a few unique insights on practical experience in development of China development zones, which include: system design, planning and construction, organisation structure, management operation, policies, talent training, etc. A number of government officials spoke highly of Professor Zhao's speech after the forum, as the successful development and management of Suzhou Industrial Park by China and Singapore is an important and significant reference for China-Laos cooperation in Bolaven Plateau.

China-Laos Bolaven Economic Zone: The Bolaven Plateau is an elevated region in southern Laos, covering an area of 5,400 square kilometres over Champasak Paksong, Saravane Lao Ngam, Attapeu, with a regional population of 100,000. Project site is located nearby Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam with beautiful natural scenery and pleasant climate. Planning and construction of infrastructure such as highways, airport, public facilities such as institutions, medical, elderly care, etc. will be set in the future, with tourism, agriculture and international cultural park as the key development direction.

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