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SCP invited to participate in Xinghua Economic Development Zone Urban Development Mobilization Conference

Xinghua Economic Development Zone held an urban development mobilization conference on 10th March 2018. Speeches were delivered by Deputy Mayor of Xinghua City, Development Zone Party Committee Secretary Mr. Shen Decai, Development Zone Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Management Committee Director Mr. Liu Haishan, Management Committee Deputy Director Mr. Wang Jianlong, Lincheng Street Party Working Committee Deputy Secretary Mr. Wang Jixu, and leaders of various departments. SCP Consultants Pte Ltd, as the master planner for formulation of concept plan and detailed control plan, was invited to present the planning outcome to leaders and members of Xinghua Economic Development Zone. The plan puts forward the overall development concept of Xinghua Economic Development Zone from four aspects: strategic positioning, overall layout, green development, and action plan, as well as specific action strategies for implementation. Mr. Shen Decai emphasized in his concluding remarks to use the concept plan as guideline, to adhere to the seriousness and authority of the plan, in creating an exquisite Xinghua Economic Development Zone.

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