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The 11th Work Conference of Key Research Program on Overseas Industrial Park held in SCP

The National Key R&D Plan of China “Research and Demonstration Application of the Planning and Technology Cooperation in Overseas Industrial Parks” 11th Work Conference was held in SCP Consultants Pte Ltd Suzhou office on 29th March 2018. Attended by Southeast University Mr. Liu Kai, Mr. Zhao Shengbo; Addis Ababa Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Associate Prof. Nebyou Yonas Gabore、Prof. Hayal Desta Yimmer; and SCP’s research group representatives Mr. Zhu Yijia, Mr. Wen Xi, and Ms. Yang Sihan.

At the meeting, Ms. Yang Sihan introduced SCP’s profile and the planning and development history of Suzhou Industrial Park; Mr. Zhu Yijia reported on the relevant research progress of the National Key R&D Plan and discussed on the difficulties faced. Followed by an introduction on Ethiopia National Industrial Park development situation by Prof. Nebyou Yonas Gabore and Prof. Hayal Desta Yimmer. All parties then discussed on various aspects of industrial park development model and the focus on next phase of research work. 

The participants then visited key projects such as Suzhou Industrial Park, Ascendas Xinsu Industrial Square, Suzhou International Science Park and Link City. Clean and neat standard factories, advanced and innovative incubators, and a variety of neighbourhood centre facilities, left a deep impression on the professors. “Suzhou Industrial Park is very different from his tradition impression of industrial park, it is not just an industrial space, integrated industrial-city development is a sustainable development approach, this visit will bring great benefits, bringing Suzhou Industrial Park development ideas and model to Ethiopia” said Associate Professor Nebyou. 


“Research and Demonstration Application of the Planning and Technology Cooperation in Overseas Industrial Parks” is China's "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" national key R&D plan for strategic international cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, officially launched in December 2017. The project was led by Southeast University School of Architecture, Urban Planning Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Prof. Wang Xingping, and jointly participated by China Architecture Design Group, Jiangsu Institute of Urban Planning and Design, SCP Consultants Pte Ltd, Ethiopian Addis Ababa University, and Palestine An-Najah University. At present, the research is advancing steadily. SCP was invited to participate in “The 2nd Academic Seminar of China-Africa Industrialization & Urbanization and Urban & Rural Planning” by Southeast University in Nanjing on 7th April 2018. 

In recent years, SCP has paid attention on the development and construction of overseas industrial parks along the “One Belt One Road” countries.  In 2013, SCP was invited by Lekki FTZ Development to provide planning services for Nigeria Lekki FTZ Urban Design, bringing the planning and construction experiences of Suzhou Industrial Park to local Africa context.  

Perspective of Lekki FTZ Core Area

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