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SCP invited to participate in The 2nd Academic Seminar of China-Africa Industrialization & Urbanization and Urban & Rural Planning

The 2nd Academic Seminar of China-Africa Industrialization & Urbanization and Urban & Rural Planning was held on 7th April 2018 at Southeast University. This academic seminar was organized by Southeast University School of Architecture, gathering industry experts from China Development Zone Association, Jiangsu Urban Economics Association, Jiangsu Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department; scholars from Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology Chinese Academy of Science, Nanjing University, Wuhan University; Africa-investment enterprise China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group, Ltd., and China-Africa representatives from Ethiopia National Industrial Park, to discuss on the theory and implementation, problems and contradictions, opportunities and challenges, ideas and strategies, in China-Africa Industrialization & Urbanization and Urban & Rural Planning. SCP Consultants Pte Ltd, as the cooperation unit of the National Key R&D Plan of China “Research and Demonstration Application of the Planning and Technology Cooperation in Overseas Industrial Parks” was invited to participate, SCP President(China) Mr. Chen Qining, as invited guest commentator, gave valuable comments on the speeches. SCP’s Research Group also gave a splendid speech as well.

Theme forum “China-Africa Cooperation and Outlook in the New Era” was held in the morning, keynote speech was delivered by China Development Zone Association Secretary, Mr. Guan Rong, Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology Professor, Nanjing University Africa Research Institute Director, Prof. Zhang Zhenke, Jiangsu Housing and Urban-Rural Development Planning Director, Jiangsu Urbanization and Urban-Rural Planning Research Center, Ms. Chen Xiaohui, on issues such as development situations and future trend of China’s overseas industrial parks, the urban-rural development in Africa in context of China-Africa cooperation, the interactive development of China’s development zones and urbanization, etc.

Thematic forum on “China Planning and Industrial Parks in Africa” was held in the afternoon, keynote speech was delivered by Addis Ababa Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Associate Prof. Nebyou, Ethiopia National Industrial Park Administrative Committee Deputy Director Mr. Zhu Hengrun, and Agricultural University of Nanjing School of Public Management Prof. Wu Wei. Mr. Zhu Yijia from SCP gave a speech on “Enlightenments for China-Africa Cooperation in Developing Industrial Parks from Experience of SIP” and provided suggestions on the development of Africa industrial parks under “One Belt One Road” initiative from a multidimensional perspective.

During the comment session, SCP President(China) Mr. Chen Qining gave a fabulous speech. He believes this topic have reached many consensuses from different perspectives of experts and scholars. However, the development of overseas cannot be simply duplicating existing China model, it requires deeper local understanding. There are 54 states in Africa and each are different which should not be generalized. The development of overseas industrial parks should focus on comprehensive development of industrial and city, formulate scientific long-term and pragmatic plans. At the beginning of Suzhou Industrial Park, Singapore's advanced experience was learned different perspectives from three aspects: urban planning and construction, economic development, social management and livelihood. Hence, while studying industrial parks, one should find out the commonalities, summarize universal value experiences.

In recent years, with the “One Belt One Road” initiative and deepening of China-Africa strategic partnership, the cooperation between China and Africa in the field of industrialization and urbanization has continued to deepen, and the process of industrialization with industrial park as an important carrier has taken place in Africa such as Ethiopia and has achieved remarkable results. With the development of industrial park and improvement of infrastructure, the speed and scale of industrialization in some Africa States have attracted worldwide attention.  Looking ahead, Africa is about to usher in a new phase of rapid industrialization and urbanization. SCP will continue to pay attention on industrial parks and urban-rural development in Africa.


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