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SCP accepts interview by Suzhou Real Estate Association on the Planning, Construction and Management of Suzhou Industrial Park

On 20th May 2019, SCP Consultant Pte Ltd President (China) Mr. Chen Qining was interviewed by by Suzhou Real Estate Association in the planning, construction and management of Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP). Mr. Fu Zhengqiao, Deputy Secretary of Suzhou Real Estate Association, and Ms. Wang Xiaoluo, Deputy Editor of Wujiang Real Estate participated in the interview. 

During the interview, Mr. Chen Qining shared his participation in the first training programme in Singapore, the localization of Singapore’s experiences, drafting process of SIP planning management system, interpretation of SIP’s success factors; introduced the involvement of SCP in SIP central area urban design, logistic planning and how these experiences inspired other overseas development zone projects; and expressed his views on SIP’s development direction for next 10 years.

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