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SCP participated in Lingshan County “One City Four Towns” Planning Status Report

In order to accelerate the implementation of “One City Four Towns” strategy in Lingshan County, Qinzhou Municipal Committee held planning status report at Qinzhou Administrative Center on 24th July 2019. SCP Consultants Pte Ltd briefed the planning status to Qinzhou Municipal Committee Secretary, Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Ms. Wang Gebing, Municipal Standing Committee Member, Executive Deputy Mayor Mr. Wang Xiongchang, and Deputy Mayor Mr. Meng Qipeng.

In 2018, Lingshan County was selected as a pilot county for Rural Industrial Integrated Development and a key development area at autonomous region level. The County Municipal Committee and County Government proposed a rural industrial integrated development for “One City (Lingshan City) and Four Towns (Xinyi, Fozi, Pingnan and Tanyu).

At the briefing, SCP presented the planning status from various aspects such as population size, project size, strategic positioning and industrial development, regional transportation, functional structure, spatial layout, etc., to the leaders. In view of ”One City Four Towns” existing conditions and regional development status, SCP put forward the development vision of “Delightful Lingshan Water City”, and proposed three strategies: interconnect with major regional infrastructures with the northern regions and Nanning, market orientation and close regional collaboration with the eastern regions and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau, multi-modal transport and urban function development linkage with the southern regions and Qinzhou.

The development idea of ”One City Four Towns” was supported by the County Municipal Committee and County Government and was included in the government work report for year 2018. Qinzhou Municipal Committee Secretary Ms. Wang Gebing expressed that the planning of ”One City Four Towns” is very forward-looking, such major planning must be in association with 13th Five-Year Plan, and the transportation, industry, agriculture, etc. of Qinzhou City. 

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