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SCP Team held an exchange forum with Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the United Arab Emirates

Southeast University and SCP Consultants Pte Ltd conducted a joint research work on “One Belt One Road” Overseas Industrial Parks in Abu Dhabi at the end of July. On 31st July 2019, the research team of 6 was invited to hold an exchange with Counsellor Mr. Zhu Chunlin from the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United Arab Emirates at Abu Dhabi Shangri-La Hotel. China-UAE Industrial Capacity Cooperation (Jiangsu) Construction Management Co Ltd Deputy General Manager Mr. Qi Jian, Mr. Shen Zhigang, Ms. Pan Xueqian, and Khalifa University Prof. Zhang Tiejun participated in the exchange.

Firstly, Counsellor Zhou Chunlin presented a brief introduction on the economic development and business environment of UAE. Followed by an introduction of the overall situation, planning practice and development trend of “One Belt One Road” overseas industrial parks by Southeast University Prof. Wang Xinping. Prof. Wang mentioned that the China’s overseas industrial parks have the opportunity for continuous upgrading under the “One Belt One Road” initiative, however, but both parties have to pay more attention on the establishment of cooperation mechanism, risk prevention and precision investment.

SCP President (China) Mr. Chen Qining gave a presentation on “Enlightenment from the development of China–Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park”, introduced the development process of Suzhou Industrial Park from laying foundation, accelerating development, transforming to upgrading, and summed up the 25 years of successful model experience. He believes that the life cycle of the development zone is gradually being compressed in the process of continuous evolution. In this process, more attention should be paid on customization of good policy by host country for the development of overseas industrial parks. 

During the exchange session, the participants actively discussed on topics such as digital parks, innovative development, and the story on China “One Belt One Road” industrial park, followed by a photo session.

This research was conducted based the National Key R&D Plan of China “Research and Demonstration Application of the Planning and Technology Cooperation in Overseas Industrial Parks”, the research team will conduct study on industrial parks development, standards and construction practices in UAE and Egypt for 13 days. SCP will continue to pay attention on of “One Belt One Road” overseas industrial parks development, actively promote the “going-out” of planning consultancy field.

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