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SCP won three awards at 6th Singapore Institute of Planners (SIP) Planning Awards 2019

The 6th SIP (Singapore Institute of Planners) planning awards gala dinner was held on 12th September 2019 at The Swissotel Merchant Court. This biennial event attracted participation from planning and design consultancy firms in both local and overseas. SCP Consultants Pte Ltd (SCP) received Bronze awards in three categories - Best Resilient Planning, Best Planning and Best Urban Design.

Bronze in Best Resilient Planning: Revitalisation Plan for Qingpu New District in Guizhou Province
The project is located at the junction of Qinglong and Pu'an counties in Guizhou Province, with a site area of 79.64 sqkm. In view of the current ecological environment, economic development and safely issues, the theme of “regional reborn” plan with three strategies are proposed to enhance multiple resilience solutions through ecological, economic, social, engineering and management, and to lay the foundation for sustainable development.

Bronze in Best Urban Design: Comprehensive Urban Design of Liuzhou Ecological New District, Guangxi, China
Liuzhou Ecological New District is located in the north of Liuzhou City, Guangxi, China, with a site area of 265 sqkm, it aims to create “A Common Ground for Human and Nature”, puts forward the overall idea of “Let Nature Design the City”. It consists on giving priority to ecology, explores biological footprints and establishes the urban ecological framework. This framework integrates city and eco-space, makes the city a liveable place for human and an ideal habitat for wildlife, and finally allows human and nature co-master the city.

Bronze in Best Planning: Master Plan for China (Longbang) – Vietnam (Tra Linh) Cross-border Economic Cooperation Zone in Guangxi, China
The project is located in the border area between Longbang Town Baise City in Guangxi China, with a site area of 208 sqkm. The plan fully utilizes the advantages of the Longbang port gateway and border crossing, seamlessly interfaces with the Vietnam Chaling Port Economic Zone, as China's “One Belt, One Road” initiative to promote Sino-Vietnamese cooperation. The project focuses on smooth flow of cross-border traffic, cross-border functions, and cross-border culture exchange, and explores China’s border region sustainable development path by convenient transportation, integration functions and multiculturalism.

The other good new is the works of the National University of Singapore, Ms. Liu Zhilin and Ms. Mo Wenyi, who joined SCP in July this year, won the Gold Prize in the "Best Student Award". They will continue to contribute their wisdom in SCP platform and their own pursuit in planning and design field. Gold award in Best Planning was awarded to Master Planning of Punggol Town, gold award in Best Urban Design was awarded to Rejuvenation of Bedok Town Centre, both projects by Housing & Development Board (HDB), There’s no gold award winner in Best Resilient Planning category.

At the dinner, Mr. Wilfred Loo, President of SIP introduced the development history and future work plan for SIP. Guest of Honor, Mr Lawrence Wong, Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance expressed that Singapore’s urban planning is constantly upgrading along with social and economic development, and this is inseparable from the wisdom and efforts of all planning professionals present. 

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