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SCP won First Prize in the Solicitation for Shanghai Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Park Concept Plan

On 19th December 2019, the Jury meeting for Shanghai Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Park Concept Plan was held at the headquarters of Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Co., Ltd., experts in related fields were invited by the project solicitor to conduct on-site review of the concept plan submitted by four well-known planning and design companies. SCP’s design was well received by the panel of judges and was selected as the first prize winner.

Shanghai Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Park is located in the center of Zhangjiang Science City, it is the “Golden Belt” of Zhangjiang Science City, with a planning area of 2.85 sqkm.

Zhangjiang Science City, as the “core carrying area of Shanghai’s global science and technology innovation center” and “Shanghai Zhangjiang comprehensive national science center”, it will be built into a world-class science city in the future, foster the linkage between free trade zone and independent innovation demonstration zone. Under national strategies, Kangqiao East Road Industrial Park will become an important part of Zhangjiang Science City, hence this concept plan needs to analyse the role and tasks that Shanghai Integrated Circuit Design Industry Kangqiao Agglomeration District will assume and how to meet the future of Zhangjiang Science City, the development needs, strategy, industry and function positioning.

SCP focuses on analyzing the new development trends of the integrated circuit industry. 16 key projects are proposed based upon three core functions of R&D design, innovation and entrepreneurship, four auxiliary functions of science education, cultural exchange, ecological living, and leisure and entertainment, and three major sectors of production, living, and service.

In terms of functional positioning, in respond with the vision of the project solicitor, SCP positioned the project as: the Zhangjiang Science City IC Design Core Development Zone, Zhangjiang Science and Technology Innovation Comprehensive Service New Center, and Shanghai Urban Renewal Gateway Model Zone. The concept plan proposes the development concept of transforming from park to city in the future.

In urban design, SCP proposed four IC-PLUS design concepts: 1) integrated travel (IC-PATH): the introduction of intelligent travel systems of different dimensions; 2) integrated creative cluster (IC-LAYOUT): the organization of multi-functional complex cluster layout; 3) Integrated Unit (IC-UNIT): shaping the distinctive space image of the integrated service platform; 4) Integrated Green Ring (IC-SQUARE): building a city slow-motion system with leisure gardens and water sports, so as to establish the next generation science park model.

This project has a long east-west site configuration, with Maglev track and several major arterials cutting through the site. Due to the complex traffic and severe fragmentation of space, the design plan to establish an open space system with green corridors, bridges and strip-shaped canopy plazas to stitch the urban textures and to create the core image of the park.

Subsequently, SCP shall review the comments given by the leaders and experts, further deepen the planning and design works, and look forward to the project in becoming the new core area of Zhangjiang in the future.

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